General Process of Works

  • service icons analyse

    • Look at the job in detail.
    • Work out what is required.
    • Break down into essential features.
    • Methods to complete the job successfully.
    • A proposal to complete the job safely.
    • Taking in environmental, health and safety issues.
  • service icons delivery

    • Following the plan, complete the works.
    • Operates in a safe environment.
    • Delivering a professional standard.
  • service icons consultation

    • Is the customer happy.
    • Gather any information.
    • Following up on any health and safety issues.
  • CDD logo black

    • Was the work completed as per standards.
    • Gather any information.
    • Make any necessary changes.


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About CD Drilling

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With over 20 years’ experience in the industry CD Drilling strives for excellence whilst maintaining exceptional work practises. With this experience CD Drilling understands its role with the high importance of environmental health and safety in today’s workplace.